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IRE System

If you're just looking for where to get the IRE system, then look no further than this link.

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Some thoughts on the 'death of RP'

Mon, Jul 17, 2017
So, this is kind of a perennial topic at this point when it comes to Imperian. It comes up time and time again on the forums - the ‘death of RP’. As if interaction between players on a MUD that still has a player-base are just going to go away. It’s a little more complex than that, of course, and there’s a legitimate problem at the root of all of it, and that’s kind of the best and worst thing, because if it was clearly and unremittingly legitimate a concern we wouldn’t have a bunch of hand-wringing about it, just people fixing it, and if it was completely off-base then it would be dismissed out of hand.
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Beginnings of Quest Information

Sun, Jul 16, 2017
As much to get a handle on the basic layout I wanted to present quest information in, I wrote up a couple of the quests in the game (“Bashing the Horde” in Skegdald and the Cinua Glade quest), which you can access from the homepage or the quests link to the right (presuming you’re on desktop. More will be forthcoming as I document the quests. I also took the time to go over the style a bit, it is at least a LITTLE bit more appropriate for an Imperian game site now.
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Quest Information

The latest quest information posted:

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